Thursday, November 3, 2016

End of October Wrap Up

These past two and a half weeks have flown by. We officially closed on the old house, so that meant getting everything from the attic and shed moved over, as well as the piano. We have continued to plug along with our school year amidst our irregular schedule. It will be nice to have the moving behind us. Next week Kyle, Landon, Emilia, and I will depart for Landon’s 10 year trip. We decided to take each child on a trip on their own when they turn 10. This is to give them some extended one on one time with Mom and Dad. Emilia has to tag along as she isn’t quite big enough to stay away from Mom that long. So the rest of this week will be spent packing and readying the house for Gram and Poppy to stay with the other three kiddos. I will leave you with a few photos from the past few weeks and plan to post when we get back from our trip.
Landon, Emilia, and I visited a very fancy restaurant operated by Elaine, Levi, and Elliot.
The piano makes its grand entrance.
The patio furniture also made it over. The kids have enjoyed playing on the deck with their magic sand.
20161025_17351720161025_17352320161025_173529 (1)
The kids had several costume events over the last week of October. Here they are headed to the Harvest Party at AWANA.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

October 9 – October 15

Sunday it was my turn to lead in Elaine’s Bible Study group. It was a great lesson on sharing Jesus with your friends. After church we had a picnic lunch and then headed to the library. Once the kids had chosen their books, they made Lego creations to be displayed.
We got home around 2:30 for rest time.
For small group our host family had a fire pit and we roasted hot dogs and had s’mores. The kids had a lot of fun. Then we headed inside for our study time.
Monday we started our day with our morning time (after breakfast and chores). For the month of October we are learning the praise song Set My Heart by Vertical Church Band and for our hymn we are learning To God Be the Glory. On Mondays (and sometimes other mornings when we just can’t wait to see what will happen next) we read about a missionary. We are still reading about Corrie Ten Boom. It has been very eye opening for the children. After a little more school work we headed to co-op.
20161010_112101 20161010_115018
While waiting for his class, Levi built a few castles.
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday we were able to get our furniture moved over, so now we have couches!
Family Room
Emilia has been doing lots of cruising, but still no steps yet. Looks like Landon will keep his title as our earliest walker.
She also loves to dance.


Friday we spent the day at Spring Mill with Grandma and cousins.
Spring Mill in front of cabin16 - 1
We visited the Gus Grissom Memorial, the pioneer village, had a picnic lunch, played on a playground, hiked to a cave, and the hiked to the lake and nature center. The kids enjoyed themselves and Spring Mill is one of my favorite places.
Milie n carrier
Spring Mill Meeting Room
In the meeting room, Landon gathered everyone around for a “will reading”. It was quite humorous.
in front of mill
Saturday, Landon spent the day at Walther’s Golf and Fun Center with his Awana class and Grandpa. Then Landon and Elaine had a sleep over at Grandma and Grandpa’s. The rest of us took Emilia to get her 9 month pictures taken and then met Kyle for Mexican when he got off work, at our usual Saturday place. The servers were surprised to see us missing two kiddos. We had our favorite server, he always keeps the kids laughing. Levi asked for a spoon, and he brought him a huge spoon from the kitchen.

Until Next Time,

Sunday, October 9, 2016

October 2 - 8

Kyle was off this week, so that always means a little shift in the flow of our days. This week it meant we needed to get some more things done at the old house in preparation for closing. We are now waiting on the appraisal to be completed. It has been ordered so we are thinking it should take place in the next few days.

Sunday’s service was so good. You can check it out here if you want too. After church we did some grocery shopping and then we were home long enough to put the groceries away and turn our selves around for small group.

Monday Kyle did some projects around the new house, and then joined us at Co-op for lunch. When we were done at Co-op we made a quick trip to Princeton to borrow a truck to make emptying the old house easier.

Tuesday, I had to do my health screening for insurance. Levi and Emilia came with me. Emilia slept and Levi entertained the nurses with book talks on the various books he has been reading. He also asked lots of questions about every sign hanging in the office. I passed with flying colors, which was a relief since I hadn’t officially had my blood sugar tested since leaving the hospital after Emilia was born. Then it was on to violin. Levi did really well at his lesson this week, and so did I. I only had one rhythm that I wasn’t playing correctly. Levi thought it was funny his teacher had a sign up that reminded you to practice only on the days you eat. His conclusion was we are not practicing enough or we need to eat less. In the afternoon, we walked to our old house and then Elaine and Landon rode their bikes back, while the rest of us walked.

20161004_14325720161004_14324620161004_143300 (1)

In the evening Elaine had Heritage Girls and we met the realtor to sign papers agreeing to the inspection response.
Wednesday, we worked to catch up around the house and get school work finished. Kyle hauled off boxes and did more sorting. Then we all headed to the old house to sort stuff and bring another load to the house. We have accumulated much in our 16 years of marriage. Some we have been saving from even before we married. Like these awesome plates and napkins.
My mom says I can have a Shirt Tails birthday party when May rolls around.


I get up around 5 each morning to have some quiet time before the rest of the house is awake. Emilia sometimes joins me. You would think her crib would be more comfortable, but Thursday morning she didn’t think so. Every time I laid her down she would cry out, and I wasn’t wanting the rest of the house to wake, so I would pick her up. She would fall back asleep just like this.
Thursday we worked on school work and more sorting and more moving. Moving with 5 children is a drawn out process, nothing is quick..

In the evening I went to see To Joey, with Love. My friend Shawna invited me to join her. It was such a special film. I hope they are able to get it to DVD or streaming. Kyle handled getting kids to choir, and a trip to Meijer with the younger two.

Friday we had breakfast, gathered stuff for car school and headed to Princeton to return the truck to Grandpa. After lunch we finished up our school work, and then had rest time. I think we only got a true rest time once this week, it felt good to have some quiet time at the house. Then we took Elaine to a Horseback Riding Event with Heritage Girls, and the boys and I ran some errands. Then it was home for movie night.

Saturday we hung out with Grandma and Grandpa, since Landon had a birthday party to attend in Princeton, it worked out nice to spend the day with them. The weather was beautiful. Emilia loved the swing. She giggled and laughed the whole time.

It was a full and blessed week!
                                                                                         Until next time,

Saturday, October 1, 2016

September 25 - October 1

This week was fairly routine, if there is such a thing. Sunday we had church and small group, with attempted rest time in between. Monday we had co-op. Elliot is really enjoying his math class. He is recognizing his numbers and loves all the games. This week they got to fish for numbers.

On Tuesdays Levi has violin lessons. He is taking lessons through the Suzuki program at the University of Evansville. Part of the methodology is for the parent to learn along side of the student. So guess who is also learning to play the violin? I have learned one "song" already. It is called the "Monkey Song". When his instructor told me the name of the song I thought, "How appropriate, that I learn the Monkey Song with one of my Five Little Monkeys!"

In the evening on Tuesday we did a science experiment to see if sugar or honey would make a fluffier bread. Our conclusions were based on how the sweetener reacted with the yeast. Sugar won by a land slide.

Emilia gets where she wants to go these days. Here she is getting one of Elliot's magnet games on the side of the fridge.
 On Wednesdays the boys have started AWANA at a church here in Newburgh. They were invited by friends we met through homeschooling. They all enjoy it, but I think Elliot has to be the cutest and most excited about being a Cubbie. Unfortunately, this week he woke up with a fever and couldn't go. He was devastated. His teacher sent home the sweetest little post card.

Thursday night was the first night of Kids' Choir at church. Landon, Elaine, and Levi are all in choir. They will be learning songs to sing during the Christmas services this semester.

I was making salad to take to the Suzuki picnic and Emilia reached in and grabbed a whole handful. She actually seemed to enjoy her lettuce.

Friday was spent catching up on chores and finishing up the weeks school work. Saturday we celebrated Levi and Papa's birthday at Riviera. Then all the boys got haircuts. So thankful for those! They were all quite hairy.

Saturday evening was the Suzuki family picnic. At first we kinda felt like outsiders being newbies to the program, but we ended up enjoying our selves before the night was over.  

This next week we will be working to get the rest of our stuff moved over from the old house. Still waiting on the appraisal and inspection response to be completed, but the closing date is quickly approaching. We are praying all the house stuff is wrapped up by the end of the month.

                                                                                 Until next week,


Sunday, September 25, 2016

September 18 - 24, 2016

This past week was quite eventful for the Carnahans. 

On Monday our Home School Co-Op started back up. The kids were ready to see their Co-op friends. Landon will be taking guitar and Basic Automotive. Elaine is taking a Reading Class and Choir. Levi is taking Choir, and Elliot is taking a Hands on Math Class.

 We were thrilled to find stools just like we were looking for on clearance at Plow and Hearth. We got 5 for the price of 1 or 2. Now the kids can do breakfast and lunch at the bar, and when all our school stuff is spread out in the dining room we don't have to move it for lunch.

We just slide Emilia's chair in for now.

Had to grab this cute picture of the kids eating lunch.
 Elaine has become quite the helper in the kitchen. She is very close to completing her AHG cooking badge as well.
Making white chicken enchiladas.

The finished product. Yummy

Levi turned 6 on the 22nd.

He requested a PJ day and oven babies for dinner. 

We ate an early dinner so Daddy could join us before he went into work.

Elliot really enjoyed the farming sensory tub I put together for him. I used popcorn and an International Harvester tractor toy. I also put in some measuring cups. All the kids eventually wanted a turn. 
 On Thursday we officially listed the house on Treelane Dr. The listing went live around 8:30 that evening. Someone wanted to see it the next morning at 7:30 am before they went to work. Glad I didn't have to get all the kids up, dressed, and leave the house ready for a showing at that time in the morning. We had an offer by lunch, and by 3:30 in the afternoon we had a signed purchase agreement. Not to mention all the other showings that occurred Friday. God blessed us more then we could have even imagined. 

On Friday we celebrated Levi's birthday with pizza, cake, ice cream and jumping at Inflatable Fun Factory.

He got several new books. He has already finished one of them. He has asked me to email the author to see when book 19 in the series will be released. It doesn't come out till next month, so he decided he would go ahead and start the Prince Warriors Series. He may even be more of a book worm then his mom!

                                                                                               Until Next Time,



Saturday, September 17, 2016

Were are Moved

We are now living and schooling in our new house. We are really enjoying more space and and new layout. It was a rough two weeks, and another two weeks before we had our old home cleaned and all the little projects checked off. Of course we still have lots of boxes to unpack but that will be done little by little as we adjust and decide where things need to go.

I have decided to just recap the last few weeks through pictures and then hopefully I will be able to get back to our weekly recaps.

Teething Biscuit at Riviera

Messy carrot face
Emilia has seemed to enjoy everything she has tasted except broccoli. I think that had more to do with preparation then actual flavor. We aren't really in any kind of routine, just trying things here and there.

I had lots of "help" packing. Elaine and Landon did pack a good portion of their bedrooms and toys in the basement.

Meal times during the move were sometimes a challenge. Once we closed it was easier to begin eating over at our new home. 
First lunch in our new home

I had prepared several freezer meals ahead of time to make things a little easier. Chicken, broccoli, rice casserole for the win on our "new" Jenn Aire.

Leftover pizza and a history lesson.

We love all the sunlight in our new dining room. We also do our "sit down" learning around this table.
Who knew microwave shopping could be such an adventure? - Photo by Landon, he was sure we would  want to remember this.

Sometimes the lack of sleep crept up on us.

Emilia has changed so much over the last few weeks. She is crawling all over the place and pulling up. She has also not slept much at night and been teething, but we still love her sweet smile and cuddles.

We love our new home and look forward to lots of fun memories.

                                                                                                 Until next time,