Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Elaine turns 4

Elaine has been a little into Tinkerbell for about a year. Well actually the whole family enjoyed the Tinkerbell movies on the Disney Channel. I have always been a fan of Peter Pan and Neverland. So Neverland made a fun theme for Elaine's 4th Birthday. It was a fun party, even though the rain kept us indoors.

Daddy decorated the cupcakes. The strawberry ones were little Tinkerbell dresses, and the chocolate ones had little leaves on top. I saw these on pinterest, and Daddy translated them to fit our theme.
Thankfully our deck keeps the rain off the covered patio from the walkout basement. We used this space for the pinata.

We cleared out the rug and furniture from our living room so we could set up tables for the kids to eat and do their craft.

Elaine had a very Happy 4th Birthday.

I got lots of ideas for her party here. This theme worked well as she had boys and girls at her party. 


We are always amazed at how thoughtful you are. You look out for your little brother, and think through choices and the results before you make a decision to act. You love to wear dresses, and tuck in all your stuff animals and babies each night for nap time and bed time. You frequently ask for broccoli and ranch for a snack, and get upset when Daddy makes a green smoothie and doesn't share with you. I think you may be ready for your baby brother to move out of your room...but I bet you miss him when he does. You love to do "school work" and can write your name, count, write your letters, and make some letter sounds. You are the most beautiful ballerina. I love your heart for those that are hurting. God continues to shape you, and Daddy and I are so glad we get to play a part in His awesome plan for you. Happy Birthday!

Mom and Dad

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Spring and New Life

I love Spring, how everything seems to come back to life. Our yard and neighborhood is beautiful this time of year. It always gives me a renewed look at life too. Such an awesome way to prepare for Easter celebrations, a real sense of the new life we are offered in Christ.

I also want to leave you with this song. It has really been a powerful reminder for me this week. After all, the message that Jesus Paid it All is not one that can be taken lightly.

Happy Easter!