Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Clothes in a Pile

When it has been almost a year since your last post, where do you begin? I often wish I had time to record the goings on of our family in a more timely and routine fashion, but such is my life. When I often have to leave dishes in the sink and find clothes for the day in the large pile of clean clothes instead of our closets, something has to be set aside. So much has transpired that it would be of little use to try and recap the time between my last post and this new one. So I will just start fresh, which makes since as we are about to embark on another new start for our family. Our newest addition will be making his debut before the end of next month. That is right we will be a family of 6. When this year of homeschooling wraps up I will have a 6 (almost 7), 5, 2, and new year old. I have to admit I am very excited to meet our new little guy, but I have also been frantically trying take care of anything I can before he is born. I guess I am anticipating our normal will come to a complete halt, which it probably will.  I have made a large batch of laundry soap, compiled a list of freezer meals I hope to make over the next few weeks, sketched out lesson plans for the rest of the year, washed and put away little onsies, and other such tasks. But just like any other time our family has navigated a transition, we will focus on pushing on toward the goal of knowing Christ and sharing His love with those around us. We will just be doing it wearing whatever clothes we find on top of the pile.