Thursday, September 29, 2011

Happy First Bithday Levi

We had a raoring good time at Levi's first birthday party. Levi has a cute lion toy we planned his party around. 

We served finger foods and the traditional cake from Piece of Cake Bakery. It took them 3 hours to decorate the big cake!
We played pin the nose on the lion and had a very cute pull string pinata (that I failed to get a picture of from the front).

I always love seeing each child's reaction to their own little cake placed in front of them, right after being sung to by a room full of people.

Levi had a good time at his party. We were so blessed by all the friends and family that came to celebrate.

He was tuckered out!

Dear Levi,         
You are such a special little boy. You take so much in stride, and all the while watching to see just how things work. You love to mimic us, by brushing your hair, talking on the phone, dipping your food. You love to try to put on clothes by yourself, but when we try to change your diaper and get you dressed we have to wrestle you. You love to come sit on my lap, and lean in for kisses. You love cheddar cheese and crackers, and drinking your water from a big boy cup. Your brother and sister love you so much, and we can see in your eyes and smiles the feeling is mutual. God has big plans for you, and we can't wait to see them unfold.


I love the way Levi's crossed little feet are sticking out of the nursing cover. Melts my heart.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

We're Back in the Basement

Well after two intense work weeks we are moving back in the basement. We were so blessed by all the help we received from friends and family. Kyle's dad even came from El Paso, TX to work for two straight weeks. So remember where I left you...
 Here are a few more in progress pictures...
And here it is now...
I am still slowly cleaning our things that had been stored in the garage and shed and moving them back to the basement, but we are already enjoying the space. Levi just walks all over the place. He had taken a few steps here and there, but it was like once he had all this open space he took off walking. We still have a little work to do in the learning space, so I will save those pictures for once it is all back together.

It is hard to believe we have already finished 3 weeks of school. I'll leave you with our first day of school pics, better late then never, right?

Landon - K5

Elaine - preschool
I wish I would have included Levi in the pictures. I saw another Family's "class" picture and I loved how she included all the little ones too. So a class picture may be in our future...