Monday, December 12, 2016

Grinch Party

The students of Carnahan Academy planned a Grinch Party for Friday, December 9. It made for a fun day for the family. The kids worked hard Monday - Thursday so that their regular work was out of the way. Along the way Levi especially planned out the party. He made a list of all the elements a Grinch Party would need. He made a pin the heart on the Grinch Game, drawing the Grinch and cutting out hearts. He had Landon make a music playlist on Spotify, and made sure I had a plan for snacks.

We started the party by making Grinch Cookies.

 I used a gluten free drop cookie recipe, then added the food coloring and red hearts. While the cookies were baking we played the game.

 With the last tray of cookies in the oven we gathered around while Kyle read, "How the Grinch Stole Christmas".

Then we made pizzas for lunch.

Then we made pizzas for lunch.
After lunch the kids watched the animated How the Grinch Stole Christmas. While they were watching the movie in the basement, I made Grinch Punch. Grinch Punch is one scoop of lime sorbet and Sprite. It was fun letting the kids guess what ingredients were in Grinch Punch. They also enjoyed the cookies.

During rest time Elaine helped me make gluten free sugar cookie dough. We baked a few of them and froze the rest of the dough. The kids then each decorated 2 cookies a peice after rest time. Kyle joined in too.

The Grinch Party was a success!

Kicking off the Christmas Season

Landon, Elaine, and Levi sang with the Kids Choir at the Family Worship Night to kick off the Christmas Season. Then we headed over to the Vanderburgh 4-H center to look at the lights and see Santa. It was a neat display. We were shocked Emilia would go to Santa!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

End of November Wrap Up

After we recovered from the stomach virus, which lasted through Thanksgiving, November was all but over.
One highlight from the month included Levi getting his real violin.

Emilia, my mom, and I took our annual Christmas Shopping trip. Its always nice to get away from the routine and have time with mom.

Thanksgiving was spent at Grandma Kolb's. We had a nice day, but Elaine was getting over being sick so Kyle had to stay home with her.
The Friday after Thanksgiving we spent the day at Grandma and Grandpa's like we usually do. We always look forward to decorating gingerbread houses and seeing which ornament Grandma has for us.

We also decorated our house for Christmas. We opted for a table top tree this year. I knew it would be a constant battle with Emilia and I didn't know how I would keep her away from a big tree with an open floor plan in the new house.
Emilia is cruising and doing lots of standing on her own, but no big steps yet. She had to see an eye specialist for her blocked tear ducts. The doctor probed both eyes and the block seems to have cleared up. She is always emptying out something.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Landon's 10th Birthday Trip

Early November we headed to Orlando for Landon's 10th Birthday trip. We have planned to take each child on a trip without their siblings. Landon ended up with a tag a long as Emilia wasn't old enough to be away from Mom that long. I think he still enjoyed himself and says he is going to crash her 10 year trip. Kyle told him that would be fine, but he'll have to pay his own way. I can't believe he will be 20 when Emilia is 10.


We headed to the airport after church to catch our flight. Thinking we were close on time we didn't stop for lunch. It took forever to get through security and then our flight was delayed 3 hours. All with no lunch! Since we were so late getting into Sanford airport our original car was not available so we rode to Disney in a party limo.

We checked in at Art of Animation and then grabbed some dinner at the resort. After we got our luggage ready for the cruise line to pick up early the net morning, we headed to bed. The next morning we headed over to Disney Springs for breakfast and window shopping until our cruise transport meeting time.

All the renovations that were completed at Disney Springs since we were there last year looked great. The front shopping area is really neat. We ate breakfast at Wolfgang Puck Express. It has become a favorite of ours.

Soon it was time to head to our cruise. We were all so excited to board the ship for our much anticipated trip. We sailed on the Disney Dream. The ship was so pretty, especially all decorated for Christmas. 

This included a large gingerbread house that made the whole lobby smell like Christmas.
We went to eat a late lunch as soon as we boarded. 

Then we went to find our stateroom. It was so spacious and very nice. Our super travel agent had it decorated with fun decorations.
Each night Landon's bed would be pulled down out of the ceiling.

 This made Landon's day. We loved having a veranda room. We had a muster drill and toured the kids area. 

Time passed quickly and it was soon time for dinner. Our first night we ate in Royal Palace. 

After dinner we saw the Villains Tonight show. Thankfully Emilia slept through the show.

During the night we sailed to Nassau. 

We chose to stay on the ship while docked in Nassau. This gave us more opportunity to use the Aquaduck water slide while many cruisers were off the ship. We also decorated a gingerbread house.

 Landon did some activities in the Oceaneers Lab and Club.
That night we ate at Animators Palate. This night Emilia went to the nursery during dinner which gave us sometime just with Landon.
Again during the night we set sail. This time we headed to Castaway Cay, Disney's private island. It is beautiful. 

We ate breakfast and headed off the ship as soon as we could. We were able to get umbrella chairs right up front on the beach. Emilia and I could play in the sand in the shade. It was gorgeous view for the morning. Landon and Kyle did the water slide and snorkeling. Then we had lunch.
After lunch Landon and I took a bike ride. 

 The weather was amazing. Beautiful skies and water. 
We headed back to the ship and Landon and I hit the Aquaduck. The view of Castaway Cay from the slide was awesome. So Kyle took a turn too. Then we got ready for Pirate Night.

Kyle and Landon went to the pirate party, while Emilia and rested in the room. We all watched the fireworks from our veranda.
The next day we were at sea. So we slept in as long as Emilia would let us. 

We played put put, entered Emilia in a diaper race, learned how to make a chocolate yule log, saw Pete's Dragon in 3D, and ate lots of ice cream. For dinner we were in Enchanted Garden. 

After dinner we went to the stage show Believe.
Then we hurried to get our luggage ready and in the hall for pick up. 

The next morning was an early one.  We headed to breakfast, then off the ship, through customs, and to our Disney transport. This is where things got a little rough. Emilia got sick two times before we could get to Disney and off the bus.  So as soon as we got to our resort, Port Orleans French Quarter, she and I had to take showers in the pool shower house as our room wasn't ready.  She and I spent the afternoon and evening at the resort.  She was so sick.

Lots of laundry was done during our short stay at Port Orleans.

Thankfully, Landon and Kyle were able to enjoy Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.

 They were able to get into the Magic Kingdom at 4:00 and stayed until around 11. They rode several rides, had cookies and hot chocolate, and ice cream. They saw the castle show and fireworks, Christmas in Tomorrowland show, and saw it snow on Main Street. Kyle said it was the perfect way to see Magic Kingdom without park tickets.

The following day Kyle and Landon headed to breakfast at the Polynesian Resort for breakfast at Kona Cafe. We ate there last year and were looking forward to the Tonga Toast. I stayed with Emilia back at Port Orleans. 

When the boys got back, I headed to Disney Springs with Landon on the boat. We ate lunch at Earl of Sandwich. I had a thai chicken wrap, it was exceptionally good. We did a little shopping and then headed back. It seemed Emilia was feeling better so we headed to the pool. For dinner we went to Whispering Canyon at Wilderness Lodge. It is one of my favorites. The food is good and the atmosphere is fun.

When we got back to our resort it hit me. I was sick alllll night. It made packing to go home quite difficult. We made it to the airport on Sunday morning. This time we had the correct car and a very nice driver. Of course our Allegiant flight was delayed 2 hours, and Kyle was starting to feel sick. 
Thankfully we made it home without incident.

It really was a good trip despite the stomach bug souvenir.