Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Our little girl has been torn lately.  On one hand she clings to her role as little sister to her big brother...wanting Daddy to carry her, wanting mommy to rock her, not using the potty, even telling us, "I'm not big, I'm little."

The next moment she is telling us, "I can do it all by myself."  Much of the time embracing her role as big sister.
  Helping getting Levi dressed, taking care of her own "babies", and imitating her older brother whenever she can.

I have to admit I am somewhat torn too.  It would make bedtime so much faster if she didn't want to be rocked, but then I try to remember my momma rocking me....and I realize this time will pass so quickly.  So quick Elaine will have a hard time remembering it.  I'll want to rock her, and she will be too big.  I'll want her to hold my hand, but she won't need to.  So even though at times she can be highly emotional, I am going to try and cherish these moments.  I think it will help to remember she is trying to figure out her new role, her place in our family.

I can relate to her feelings.  There are times I want to be held, and yet I am being asked to hold instead.  There are times I want to be carried, but I have to walk.  Other times I long to just sit and hold, but have to do laundry.  Times I want to play games and read, but have to make supper.  We really aren't that different, and before I know it she will be a mom.  She will have a whole new set of emotions she is working through, and she will have had lots of emotions she has already been asked to work through.  So for now I will try to help her sort it out.  Hoping I can point her to Christ along the way.

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  1. I can totally relate to being torn like this! Elaine's a real cutie pie :)