Wednesday, November 30, 2016

End of November Wrap Up

After we recovered from the stomach virus, which lasted through Thanksgiving, November was all but over.
One highlight from the month included Levi getting his real violin.

Emilia, my mom, and I took our annual Christmas Shopping trip. Its always nice to get away from the routine and have time with mom.

Thanksgiving was spent at Grandma Kolb's. We had a nice day, but Elaine was getting over being sick so Kyle had to stay home with her.
The Friday after Thanksgiving we spent the day at Grandma and Grandpa's like we usually do. We always look forward to decorating gingerbread houses and seeing which ornament Grandma has for us.

We also decorated our house for Christmas. We opted for a table top tree this year. I knew it would be a constant battle with Emilia and I didn't know how I would keep her away from a big tree with an open floor plan in the new house.
Emilia is cruising and doing lots of standing on her own, but no big steps yet. She had to see an eye specialist for her blocked tear ducts. The doctor probed both eyes and the block seems to have cleared up. She is always emptying out something.

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