Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Oh My...

So today after leaving the YMCA I planned to stop at the new Wal-mart that just opened in our town. Not that we didn't have several Wal-marts very near us, we just didn't have one that would actually be considered in our town. Anyway the two kids and I ventured in to get a few items I hadn't been able to get at Aldi. They had one of those awesome carts where the two kids can sit facing the way you are going and and you can actually use the cart for the shopping. This is a big one for me as my 3 year old still likes to wander and my 1 year old likes to run. So as we turned the corner to go down an aisle an older lady looked right at us, said, "Oh my", and proceeded to laugh. I am not sure what exactly made her laugh...the cart, the fact I was shopping with two children 22 months apart, or the fact that I even had two children 22 months apart. I wonder if she would think it was funny we are ready for another one? What I thought was funny about it all was that the children were being very well behaved. Now they were being noisy, but it was happy noise. Landon at one point even leaned over and gave Elaine an unprompted hug and kiss. I was actually enjoying my trip to Wal-mart on opening day. All this to say that I had and am having a fun day with my children. Landon and I worked on writing while Elaine napped. Elaine and I got supper ready for the oven while Landon is napping. (Our nap schedule is still off a little from the move, so they didn't nap together today.) I have been missing the time I usually get with them as we have been so sidetracked putting the new house together. Children are truly a blessing, and I am glad I didn't have to miss this day. Nothing monumental happened, but I am sure some happy memories were made.

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