Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Teaching Tuesday: Reflecting

Today I just wanted to spend a little time reflecting on how "school" has been going.  As I have been spending lots of time nesting this week, I am going to keep this simple and use a list format for what works for us and what does not.

What does not work:
  • Having a strict beginning time (Rushing everything to be sure we are starting right at 8)
  • Insisting the 2 year old track right with the 4 year old
  • Lots of sitting very still
  • Lots of coloring
What is working:
  • Starting when our normal morning routine is finished (ex. breakfast is over, kids are dressed, mom has showered, dishwasher is emptied, laundry is started)
  • Having some alternatives ready for Elaine (ex. paper to cut and glue, puzzles to do, etc) Then she is free to join when she is up to it, and Landon is less distracted by her.  The site Hubbard's Cupboard has been very helpful.
  • Using hands on/movement activites
  • Free style art time - Landon is not a fan of coloring when he is given a specific task, such as color the 3 apples red.  He loves, on the other hand, to paint picture after picture.  We do spend some time on following specific directions as this is an important skill, but making time for him to paint or use play dough is also very important.
I am hoping to share a little craft project we are going to do to get ready for the new baby later this week.  That is if nesting doesn't completely consume me.

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  1. Great blog, Katie! I love the mix of reflection, homeschooling tips, and everyday life. Good stuff :)