Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Joy 2011

We had a Very Merry Christmas at the Carnahan Household this year. I think it had to with the pre-planning and simplifying I did before the start of the season. But most of all it had to do with my focus. My heart was truly joyful to share the Good News of the Season with not only my three little ones, but also those around us. So each tradition we completed had at its heart, pointing to our Savior. What else good bring such a Merry Christmas? Here are some highlights in pictures...
Annual choosing of our Christmas Tree from a local boy scout troop.

Why can't I play with, pull down. and chew on the ornaments?

Peeling the paper off old crayons to make new ones for the cousins.

Eating the chocolate out of the advent chart...yummy!

Christmas Eve in our new Christmas PJammies.

 We hope you also had a Very Blessed Christmas!

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