Saturday, September 17, 2016

Were are Moved

We are now living and schooling in our new house. We are really enjoying more space and and new layout. It was a rough two weeks, and another two weeks before we had our old home cleaned and all the little projects checked off. Of course we still have lots of boxes to unpack but that will be done little by little as we adjust and decide where things need to go.

I have decided to just recap the last few weeks through pictures and then hopefully I will be able to get back to our weekly recaps.

Teething Biscuit at Riviera

Messy carrot face
Emilia has seemed to enjoy everything she has tasted except broccoli. I think that had more to do with preparation then actual flavor. We aren't really in any kind of routine, just trying things here and there.

I had lots of "help" packing. Elaine and Landon did pack a good portion of their bedrooms and toys in the basement.

Meal times during the move were sometimes a challenge. Once we closed it was easier to begin eating over at our new home. 
First lunch in our new home

I had prepared several freezer meals ahead of time to make things a little easier. Chicken, broccoli, rice casserole for the win on our "new" Jenn Aire.

Leftover pizza and a history lesson.

We love all the sunlight in our new dining room. We also do our "sit down" learning around this table.
Who knew microwave shopping could be such an adventure? - Photo by Landon, he was sure we would  want to remember this.

Sometimes the lack of sleep crept up on us.

Emilia has changed so much over the last few weeks. She is crawling all over the place and pulling up. She has also not slept much at night and been teething, but we still love her sweet smile and cuddles.

We love our new home and look forward to lots of fun memories.

                                                                                                 Until next time,

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