Saturday, August 13, 2016

Monday and Tuesday it was back to business as usual. For morning time this month we are learning the hymn Trust and Obey and Ever Be. We have memorized 5 poems and are starting our 6th. I would highly recommend IEW's Poetry Memorization program. We all enjoy the poems and seeing how many we can recite. In Bible we are studying the Fall of Man how that has affected everything from that moment on until Jesus sets it right all right again. It always gets the kids in their Bibles searching out scriptures.

On Wednesday we got our school work started and then my Grandma came to help pack. A little after lunch my cousin Kirsten came too. She brought some boxes and packed as well. They both were a tremendous help.
Landon started Math 5 this week in the newly "decorated" room. 

We had to send in a little monkey to grab that picture on the mantel. We needed it in another room after Kyle had moved all the packed boxes in front of it. Ooops.

On Thursday Kyle moved lots of mulch and we had school in the morning. Then in the afternoon I was able to work in the boys room. Mainly I cleaned and sorted so it will be easier to pack when its time. Friday was a really sweet day. The kids and I enjoyed our school time. Emilia took good naps and was very smiley all day. I was able to get caught up on some regular household chores and more sorting and packing. Kyle got home late from work, but we still enjoyed grilling brats on the deck. The kids had a movie night with popcorn. They love having movie nights where they get to "sleepover" in the basement. 

Emilia has started trying a few solids. Mainly she played with them. She has tried a broccoli and fruit blend, banana, and guacamole. She was not a big fan of the broccoli, and kept shuttering when she would get much in her mouth. I think she would have preferred just some steamed broccoli, so I plan to try that next time we have it.  She loved the guacamole and kept reaching for more, which made her Daddy very happy. I am sure all the Mexican mommy eats has helped in that regard. 

Our Saturday should be relaxed for the kids and more cleaning and sorting for me. Next week we close on the new house, so I will post some pictures and details then. 

                                                                                   Until next week,

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