Sunday, October 9, 2016

October 2 - 8

Kyle was off this week, so that always means a little shift in the flow of our days. This week it meant we needed to get some more things done at the old house in preparation for closing. We are now waiting on the appraisal to be completed. It has been ordered so we are thinking it should take place in the next few days.

Sunday’s service was so good. You can check it out here if you want too. After church we did some grocery shopping and then we were home long enough to put the groceries away and turn our selves around for small group.

Monday Kyle did some projects around the new house, and then joined us at Co-op for lunch. When we were done at Co-op we made a quick trip to Princeton to borrow a truck to make emptying the old house easier.

Tuesday, I had to do my health screening for insurance. Levi and Emilia came with me. Emilia slept and Levi entertained the nurses with book talks on the various books he has been reading. He also asked lots of questions about every sign hanging in the office. I passed with flying colors, which was a relief since I hadn’t officially had my blood sugar tested since leaving the hospital after Emilia was born. Then it was on to violin. Levi did really well at his lesson this week, and so did I. I only had one rhythm that I wasn’t playing correctly. Levi thought it was funny his teacher had a sign up that reminded you to practice only on the days you eat. His conclusion was we are not practicing enough or we need to eat less. In the afternoon, we walked to our old house and then Elaine and Landon rode their bikes back, while the rest of us walked.

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In the evening Elaine had Heritage Girls and we met the realtor to sign papers agreeing to the inspection response.
Wednesday, we worked to catch up around the house and get school work finished. Kyle hauled off boxes and did more sorting. Then we all headed to the old house to sort stuff and bring another load to the house. We have accumulated much in our 16 years of marriage. Some we have been saving from even before we married. Like these awesome plates and napkins.
My mom says I can have a Shirt Tails birthday party when May rolls around.


I get up around 5 each morning to have some quiet time before the rest of the house is awake. Emilia sometimes joins me. You would think her crib would be more comfortable, but Thursday morning she didn’t think so. Every time I laid her down she would cry out, and I wasn’t wanting the rest of the house to wake, so I would pick her up. She would fall back asleep just like this.
Thursday we worked on school work and more sorting and more moving. Moving with 5 children is a drawn out process, nothing is quick..

In the evening I went to see To Joey, with Love. My friend Shawna invited me to join her. It was such a special film. I hope they are able to get it to DVD or streaming. Kyle handled getting kids to choir, and a trip to Meijer with the younger two.

Friday we had breakfast, gathered stuff for car school and headed to Princeton to return the truck to Grandpa. After lunch we finished up our school work, and then had rest time. I think we only got a true rest time once this week, it felt good to have some quiet time at the house. Then we took Elaine to a Horseback Riding Event with Heritage Girls, and the boys and I ran some errands. Then it was home for movie night.

Saturday we hung out with Grandma and Grandpa, since Landon had a birthday party to attend in Princeton, it worked out nice to spend the day with them. The weather was beautiful. Emilia loved the swing. She giggled and laughed the whole time.

It was a full and blessed week!
                                                                                         Until next time,

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