Saturday, October 1, 2016

September 25 - October 1

This week was fairly routine, if there is such a thing. Sunday we had church and small group, with attempted rest time in between. Monday we had co-op. Elliot is really enjoying his math class. He is recognizing his numbers and loves all the games. This week they got to fish for numbers.

On Tuesdays Levi has violin lessons. He is taking lessons through the Suzuki program at the University of Evansville. Part of the methodology is for the parent to learn along side of the student. So guess who is also learning to play the violin? I have learned one "song" already. It is called the "Monkey Song". When his instructor told me the name of the song I thought, "How appropriate, that I learn the Monkey Song with one of my Five Little Monkeys!"

In the evening on Tuesday we did a science experiment to see if sugar or honey would make a fluffier bread. Our conclusions were based on how the sweetener reacted with the yeast. Sugar won by a land slide.

Emilia gets where she wants to go these days. Here she is getting one of Elliot's magnet games on the side of the fridge.
 On Wednesdays the boys have started AWANA at a church here in Newburgh. They were invited by friends we met through homeschooling. They all enjoy it, but I think Elliot has to be the cutest and most excited about being a Cubbie. Unfortunately, this week he woke up with a fever and couldn't go. He was devastated. His teacher sent home the sweetest little post card.

Thursday night was the first night of Kids' Choir at church. Landon, Elaine, and Levi are all in choir. They will be learning songs to sing during the Christmas services this semester.

I was making salad to take to the Suzuki picnic and Emilia reached in and grabbed a whole handful. She actually seemed to enjoy her lettuce.

Friday was spent catching up on chores and finishing up the weeks school work. Saturday we celebrated Levi and Papa's birthday at Riviera. Then all the boys got haircuts. So thankful for those! They were all quite hairy.

Saturday evening was the Suzuki family picnic. At first we kinda felt like outsiders being newbies to the program, but we ended up enjoying our selves before the night was over.  

This next week we will be working to get the rest of our stuff moved over from the old house. Still waiting on the appraisal and inspection response to be completed, but the closing date is quickly approaching. We are praying all the house stuff is wrapped up by the end of the month.

                                                                                 Until next week,


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