Thursday, November 3, 2016

End of October Wrap Up

These past two and a half weeks have flown by. We officially closed on the old house, so that meant getting everything from the attic and shed moved over, as well as the piano. We have continued to plug along with our school year amidst our irregular schedule. It will be nice to have the moving behind us. Next week Kyle, Landon, Emilia, and I will depart for Landon’s 10 year trip. We decided to take each child on a trip on their own when they turn 10. This is to give them some extended one on one time with Mom and Dad. Emilia has to tag along as she isn’t quite big enough to stay away from Mom that long. So the rest of this week will be spent packing and readying the house for Gram and Poppy to stay with the other three kiddos. I will leave you with a few photos from the past few weeks and plan to post when we get back from our trip.
Landon, Emilia, and I visited a very fancy restaurant operated by Elaine, Levi, and Elliot.
The piano makes its grand entrance.
The patio furniture also made it over. The kids have enjoyed playing on the deck with their magic sand.
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The kids had several costume events over the last week of October. Here they are headed to the Harvest Party at AWANA.

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