Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The New Norm

I have finally reached a point in my pregnancy, where I feel somewhat normal.  At least I have adjusted to the new norm anyway.  In just 2 weeks we should be able to find out if our new little one will be a boy or a girl.  My oldest is definitely rooting for a brother, but has agreed to love a sister if that happens to be what we get.  I have to admit at this point we are rooting for a the sister we have has hit an interesting stage.  Like having a definite opinion on her shoes at the age of 2.  Landon always wore what we picked as long as he could run fast in them.  Elaine was not so easy to convince, in fact we came home from the shopping trip with no shoes. 

On the other hand she has a very tender, sweet side that comes around too.  Like how she likes to be rocked before naps and bedtime.  It is not so much the rocking, but her request for me to sing "Bible" and "Skips".  These songs are more commonly referred to as "Jesus Loves Me" and "Skip to My Lou".  "Jesus Loves Me" being a classic sleepy song, and "Skip to My Lou" being one my Grandpa sang to me.  I (like my Grandpa used to) have added a verse to "Skips". 

Now its time to close those blue eyes,
Now its time to close those blue eyes,
Now its time to close those blue eyes,
Skip to my Lou, My Darling.

If you aren't familiar with this song you can find other verses here.  As I mentioned before my Grandpa often made up his own verses so I hadn't heard many of the traditional ones myself. 

I plan to post on a regular basis again, and I already have a project in the works to share on Teaching Tuesday.  Check back soon.

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