Monday, January 24, 2011

Mom to Mom

It's Almost Nap Time is hosting a Mom to Mom link party today.  She wants moms to share what has worked for them.

Three things popped into my head when I read her post.  They are not related to each other, nor are they new ideas.  Just three things I'm glad I do.

Baby Wearing - I have had some kind of carrier or sling for each of my children.  For Landon we had the Baby Bjorn front carrier.  I have to admit I only used it briefly because once he gained much weight, it killed my back.  My husband on the other hand loved/loves it.  We would do our grocery shopping with Landon strapped to his chest.  It was great Landon felt snuggled and loved and we could concentrate on the task at hand.  When our second came along I knew I wanted a sling for her.  I would need my two hands free to take care of Landon who was a mere 22 months old.  So I purchased a HotSling from Target.  It worked great.  It distributed the weight across my back.  She loved it too.  Then they got recalled for I was on the look out for something else for Baby #3.  My friend recommended the Sleepy Wrap.  Let me tell you, I wish I had had one from the beginning.  It keeps the baby so snuggly and it so comfortable.  I can do everything I need to, besides shower, with Levi snuggled up on my chest.  He has been a super baby, but does have some tummy issues, and when I put him in the Sleepy Wrap he relaxes and can sleep or just take in the world around him.  So I would recommend the Sleepy Wrap to any new mom.

Napping when Kids Nap - Do it.  Nap when your kids nap.  If some of your kids are too big for naps, have quiet time, and you nap.  I am telling you it makes you a whole new women, just getting a quick power nap.  I know you have a list of things to do during nap, and sometimes I have to skip nap too.  But if you would even just let yourself nap a few times a week, you will think more clearly and be much more productive.  I haven't had a straight 8 hours of sleep for a long time, because even once the baby is sleeping through the night little children wake and need taken back to bed.  So catching a quick nap during the day has been essential.

No shoes in the house - I know this may sound silly, but it really revolutionized my life.  Instituting no shoes in the house came from us moving into a home with hard wood floors on the first level.  I read up on how to care for them, and the worst thing you can do is wear your outside shoes on them.  It's like walking around with sandpaper on your feet.  So we started it to care for our hardwood floors, but it has had so many benefits.  First outside dirt stays at the door, so I have to sweep up less tracked in dirt.  Second, and possibly my favorite, we always know where the kids shoes are.  See we have a basket right by the door, and when the kids come in, their shoes go right in that basket.  No more running around the house trying to find where they took off their shoes the last time, as you are trying to get to the library or church.  So even if you don't care if you wear shoes in the house, having a central location for them is a must!

So there are my 3 quick and unrelated mom to mom tips.  What would yours be?


  1. We also have hardwoods and have no shoes in the house. We leave slippers by the door and we switch to those and put shoes away in the closet (at night) or neatly by the door (when in and out during the day.) We use the slippers because it's just plain cold in PA in the winter, and also because it keeps the bottom of feet/socks much cleaner:)

  2. I'm soooo bad about napping with the kids nap -- I should do that, but alas...there's always so much to do. And to be honest, I like the quiet time and hate to "waste" it sleeping :) But your tip makes great sense. It's healthy to nap. I really should do it.

    We will be getting hardwood floors this year, and I honestly never know that wearing your outside shoes on it is like sandpaper! Goodness, thanks for that tip, since we are planning on spending a pretty penny on it. One question: do the kids ever slip in their socks? this is what I envision with my crew. That, or them playing around doing the Tom Cruise "Risky Business" slide, lol.

  3. We haven't had much of a slipping problem, but maybe the slipper suggestion above by graceling would help if you did.

  4. I LOVE babywearing as well...don't know how I ever lived without my wrap!!! I just got an Ergo and can't wait to try it out (it will be easier for my husband to wear, too...I always have to WRAP him in the wrap so he can wear the baby :) haha)

  5. I'm looking into that wrap immediately! I had some cheapo thing for my first child and he refused to be in it ever. I've tried it with #2 and he is fine with it but I have to hold his head up - not ideal for something that's intended to keep your hands free! I know it says there is no weight limit but I was wondering what your experience has been with that. I don't want to buy it and then only get a months use out of it.

    I couldn't agree more about the naps! I feel SO much better, as does the rest of my family, after I've had a little rest.

  6. Danielle - my little one is 4 months old and weighs around 13 pounds and still does great. They have several ways to wrap it as your child grows.