Monday, August 1, 2016

House Hunters

To catch everyone up on the house situation, we have been looking and not looking for a different house for about 3 years. As our family has grown we have outgrown certain areas of our current home but at the same time we love much about our current house. We have also had several contractors come to look at our house with the intention of adding an addition or remodeling, but the cost has always been more then we felt would be a good investment.

The Monday before we left for El Paso, Kyle came home from work saying he had found a house online that he thought would be a good fit for our family. I checked it out and agreed, so we contacted the realtor and went to see it late that night. We both really liked it and it would give us more space in all the right areas. We met on Tuesday evening to see the house again and to make an offer, our offer was accepted on Wednesday, and we started all the paper work on Thursday. If all goes well with the inspection, which will take place the day after we get back from El Paso, we will be moving at the end of August.

August will be a high energy month. We will get back from our trip, pack up our current house, move, ready our current house and list it. Carnahan Academy will still be in session, and Kyle starts another Master's class the week after our scheduled moving weekend.

Once we are past inspection and all that fun stuff, I will post more pictures and details. The new house is 5-7 minutes from our current home in South Broadview sub-division. We appreciate prayers during this transition time.

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  1. So I guess you will have to change your blog title :D