Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Cookies

Last year I found a picture of really cute snowman cookies.  I knew Landon would love to make (and eat) them.  So we made them and he has talked about them all year.  I decided they would become part of our Christmas traditions.  So I bring to you the snowman cookies for 2009!

Here are my helpers hard at work:

Here is their finished product...

After they were finished working I made some that were company safe...

I used white icing, chocolate chip eyes, Mike and Ike nose and earmuffs, Twizzler Pull n Peel cherry licorice mouth and band on the earmuffs.

For the cookie tray I like to make some with just icing and sprinkles for cookie purist that don't like the candy on their cookies.

The kids and I had a good time making these again this year so I think they are definitely staying in our traditions list. 

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  1. Ah! Those are too kids also love making sugar cookies. We will def. be trying these out. thanks!