Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Teaching Tuesday: Big Thoughts for Little Thinkers

Today I don't really have something to teach or something I have been taught.  Instead I have a tool that I think has been great in teaching my children basic Spiritual Truths.  The set of books I would like to recommend is Big Thoughts for Little Thinkers by Joey Allen.  These books present The Scripture, The Gospel, and The Trinity in a way that little ones can really grasp on to.  I know that each time we read through the books more of the truths really make sense to them.  The books have also been great conversation starters too.  Landon has even started conversations with his grandma about the Trinity.  I highly recommend Big Thoughts for Little Thinkers to pass on important Biblical Foundations to your children.  What tools have you used that seem to really inspire spiritual growth in your family?

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