Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Teaching Tuesday: Creating a Home for Hair Bows

Even though Elaine is only 2 she already has quite the collection of hair bows.  Her bows used to hang on a single ribbon hung with a lady bug thumbtack on the wall.  This solution was just not working anymore.  She had too many bows to fit on the single ribbon and the weight often pulled the thumbtack out of the wall.  Which brings me to today's project.  Here is how I made it...
  1. Find a wooden cutout that would match the room decor. (I used a ladybug Elaine was given for Christmas)  Choose ribbon that will be thick enough to lay flat when clipped with the hair bows.
  2.  Layout the ribbon and cut two equal pieces.  (Following a tip from my hubby I used a narrow red and black ribbon that I backed with a wider solid black ribbon.)
  3. Seal both ends of the ribbon.  Here are tips on sealing ribbons.  I use the match method.
  4. Then glue the ribbons to the wooden cutout.  Remember to glue enough of the ribbon to the cutout to support the weight of the hair bows, and to glue the "pretty side" facing the cutout.
  5. Hang cutout on the wall and fill with hair bows! 
I also made a new hair bow for Elaine using some of the ribbon.  Here are the directions I followed.

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