Thursday, December 16, 2010


All last week Elaine's must haves for bedtime included this little radio, her pink sparkly bouncy ball, and her pink tutu.  She would put on her tutu, set her little radio up beside her pillow, and snuggle under the covers with the ball.  When she woke up, down the stairs she would come carrying the radio and bouncy ball.  No teddy bears for this little girl.  Maybe her big brother is rubbing off on her.  His bed is usually covered in action figures, hot wheels cars, and bouncy balls.  She used to snuggle with a soft little lamb, now its a bouncy ball.  She has standards though, because it must be pink and sparkly.  Now she doesn't even check to see if Lambie is around...but don't worry Lambie,

I am sure you will be back on top eventually.  Andy never really forgot Woody, right?

1 comment:

  1. confession time: i still sleep with my "blankie bear" as it's so affectionately called. i know, i'm a grown adult!
    she'll be back to her lambie. they always come back :)