Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Teaching Tuesday: Homeschool Co-op End of the Semester Program

So I know its not Tuesday, but I was planning to post this yesterday.  The problem was that I needed all of yesterday to recover from Monday night...which is what this post is about.  Stay with me and you will understand.

As this is really my first year of "structured" homeschooling, I was looking for a co-op to participate in that would give Landon time in a learning activity away from home.  A co-op is basically a group of parents that come together to provide "classes" to fellow homeschoolers.   So this past semester he took a martial arts class through a local homeschool co-op.  I was very pleased with his instructor, and he loved going to karate.  I was just as excited as he was that there would be a program to demonstrate what each class had learned during the semester.  This program took place this past Monday night, and he did excellent.  It was fun watching him take this step in his growing up process.  So our first co-op experience was a success and we look forward to participating again next semester.

I forgot our here is a cell phone picture!
So you may be asking, "Why did it take all day Tuesday to recover from such a positive experience?"...well it was the surrounding events.  All Monday I anxiously awaited the time when I would need to feed the children (including nursing the baby), dress all of us, and load the car to make our way to the church where the program would take place.  I found myself going over the process again and again in my head to insure everything would go smoothly.  So at 4:00 I began, first I made supper.  Then while the older two children were eating I got dressed.  Then I washed them up and got them dressed.  Then I asked them to get in the van and buckle up.  I got Levi all buckled in his car seat, and went to get my keys from the diaper bag.  I reached into the pocket where I keep them...not there.  So I check other pockets...not there.  I start looking on dresser tops, kitchen counters, coat pockets, console in van, etc...not there.  I frantically call my Dad who is on his way, but since Landon had to be there 30 minutes earlier, he isn't even close yet.  I then call my husband who was leaving work to break the bad news.  He responds calmly by telling me he will contact Landon's teacher and he will come and get us.  I am in tears.  I feel like I am failing my son who is so excited about his first program.  I decide to check the diaper bag one more time...and I find keys...right where I had looked.  Right where I keep them, in the diaper bag.  So I grab Levi's seat, snap him in the car, grab the brownies I made for the reception and leave for the church.  My van clock said 5:54, Landon was supposed to be there at 6.  So when I get to the church I pull up to the gym door where he is supposed to practice and let him out.  I then watch him go to the correct door, and I proceed to park.  As I snap Levi's carseat into the stroller, I hear Landon yell, "Mom the door is locked".  At the same time I hear an adult say he can go in with us...I vaguely recognize the face from the distance I am away, but what choice do I have?  Leave him out in the cold waiting for me, or the younger two while I try to find his teacher?  So in he goes.  I frantically get Elaine out of the van and run into the building pushing the stroller and carrying brownies.  I am relieved to see Landon sitting at a table with his class.  I make my way to the chapel, finally catching my breath for the first time in about 2 hours.  As soon as the program begins Levi signals he is ready to nurse.  So I excuse myself to find a quiet spot.  Hoping I make it back to see worries.  The program that started at 6:30 did not get over until 8:00, with Martial Arts near the very end.  We let the kids get one cookie each from the reception, which upset Landon because he didn't want to just eat something unhealthy, and upset Elaine because she loves a party.  So we drag two over tired children to the van.

We headed home where the children watched a cartoon while Kyle and I finally ate our supper which I had going in the crock pot.  Then finally it was bedtime.  I think it was 9:30 before the children were in bed.  So yesterday we all took naps.  Landon slept for 3 1/2 hours! 

So needless to say no worries about me stealing the Mom of the Year title.  Loosing your keys, dropping a 4 year old off in the cold, letting him walk in a huge church with ???, and letting your kids watch cartoons at 8:30 pm so you can eat are probably deal breakers. 

How was your Monday night?

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  1. Katie, not sure if you remember me, but I took Landon into the church! I didn't even realize it was him until I just read this post.
    ~Veronica (Allie and Will's Mom from Tuesday mommas)