Friday, March 4, 2011

Weekly Challenge: Week 4

Yes you are right, I skipped last week. It was a wrapping station and though I could use one from time to time its not a must have right now. So I took last week to do a few odd and ends things around the house that weren't really blog worthy.

This week's challenge was to organize something in your kitchen. I was pumped. We have a "china cabinet type thing" (I am pretty sure that is it's technical name) in our kitchen that was in desperate need of some organizing. 

I told you. It was overflowing! So I started by taking everything out, except the china, and cleaning. 
Then I only put back what really needed to be there. I found I had lots of new space!

I also had a bag of trash, a bag of things to donate/sell, and a bag of things that belonged elsewhere.

It took some courage to post my disorganization, but I am hopeful it will motivate someone to dive in and clean out. It feels so good! Look how nice it is now.

So now its your turn go clean out and organize something in your kitchen. You can check out Bowl Full of Lemons for even more motivation and great ideas for your kitchen.

I am also linking to We're Organized Wednesday.


  1. Wow what a transformation! I love that cabinet, it's gorgeous and it really looks great now!

  2. That is a beautiful cabinet!

  3. That cabinet is so beautiful. It looks so organized now too. Thanks for linking to We're Organized Wednesday.

  4. Wows!!!! Great job here.

    A bowl full of lemons