Saturday, July 16, 2016

Art Camp

This week we took a break from our regular programming. The three oldest children attended an Art Smarts Camp at a local church. They look forward to this camp every year, as do I. They always have a blast, learn so much, and I get a little time with just the little ones.

Landon took guitar, production, and set design. He may be taking after his Mom. I loved working on the sets and stage crew in high school. I even served as stage crew chief my senior year. During the closing program, he played his guitar and ran one of the cameras.

Elaine took painting, knitting, and a candy making class. She is obviously following in her Grandma's footsteps more so then mine. She made some really yummy fudge. I'm hoping she can help me with my endeavors.

Levi's age group rotates through several different activities each day. This helps them get a taste of lots of different things before they choose classes when they are older. He sang with the K-1 choir in the closing program.

I think Elliot appreciated the time to talk with Kyle and I and have our undivided attention. He also benefited from a few treats that aren't always an option when everyone is along. He aslo helped me clean up and out the toy area in the basement.

Playing with Slime
I love seeing empty spaces!

Emilia had her 6 month pictures taken this week. I should have those to post next week.
Caught playing during nap time.
Caught napping during the program.

I have gotten lots of packing done for our upcoming trip to El Paso, and a few errands taken care of too. We also were able to visit a few mornings with friends. The three big kids also attended VBS with some family friends in evening.

We also had some not so welcome events this week. Monday night we ended up having to leave our van at the dealership to have the alternator replaced. Then Friday night as I was preparing the griddle to make scrambled eggs for a quick dinner before the Art Smarts Camp Program, I smelled burning and melting plastic. We then realized there was an electrical fire in one of the kitchen outlets. We had to kill the power in the house until an electrician could come and make it safe again. Thankfully everyone made it to the program and the damage can be repaired on Monday.

Next week we will back to our routine for a week, then we are off to El Paso for vacation with Kyle's family.

So until next week,


  1. Such a pretty blog, and loved hearing about your week.

  2. Well this is my second week of being at home in El Paso and my first time to be able to read your blog. I look forward to your visit so Kyle can train me in the new technology for my house.