Saturday, July 9, 2016

Carnahan Academy is Back in Session

We have two weeks in the books for the 2016-2017 school year.  I will be doing a weekly recap to keep a record of what we are doing and hopefully keep family and friends up to date with us here at Treelane Tales.

This first post may be kind of lengthy as I set the scene for each kiddo for this learning cycle.

Landon is 10. He is finishing Teaching Textbooks Math 4 and will be moving to Math 5. He is reading a student version of Pilgrims Progress and then moving back to finish up the Imagination Station Series. He is also reading through Boyhood and Beyond with Kyle.

Elaine is 8. She just started Teaching Textbooks Math 4. She is reading the Boxcar Children Book #2. She will probably finish the first 4 books in the series before she moves on to something else. She is also going through The Care and Keeping of You with me about one night a week.

Together Landon and Elaine are working through Grammar Fix It #1 and All Things Fun and Fascinating from IEW for the core of their Language Arts. They also do All About Spelling which I am loving. It is really giving them the skills to spell and read accurately.

Levi is 5 and he is currently reading a Salute to Courage from ABeka. He started and finished Path to Adventure our first week. He loves to read and devours books. He is working through ABeka Arithmetic 1. So he is focused on addition facts, counting money, and telling time. He also does All About Spelling. I am also using IEW PAL Writing and Primary Language Lessons by Emma Serl to keep his Language Arts Skills moving forward.

This cycle I decided to set up "Learning Boxes" for Elliot. I have 5 boxes, 4 have a mix of early learning activities and 1 is a sensory box. I will change out the activities each month. This months sensory box is empty for use in water play, while the weather is warm. He has been learning about jobs and different "workers" in our community. What Do People Do All Day is a great book for his age, but I think we are all enjoying it. We just read a little each day as it is divided into lots of little stories. We should have it wrapped up by the end of July. We have also been reading his ABC What Elliot Can Be book,Alphabet Friend Cards from ABeka.
as it goes well with our topic for the month. Having the activities organized this way has made it easy to keep him engaged while I am instructing a sibling, nursing a baby, changing a diaper, or whatever else may arise. Elaine often helps him "play" his "games" as he calls them. I am glad he finds them so much fun. Most of the activities were from items I already had on hand and several of them I borrowed from a friend. Thanks, Shawna! I am also using some ABC and number sticker books, tracing and cutting books by Kumon, and lots of playtime.

Emilia is often found army crawling to places she shouldn't be, playing with any tags she can find, entertaining a sibling, nursing, or being held. She definitely likes to be right in the mix of things.

As a family we are going through Mystery of History Volume 2 and God's Design for Science: Chemistry. Of course the older the child the more involved they are in the ins and outs of the lessons. My favorite time so far has been our Morning Time. I have wanted to do something like this for awhile, but it is finally working well this year. We start the morning all together by singing one hymn and one newer worship song. This month we are singing Great is Thy Faithfulness and Unstoppable God. Then we do our Bible Lesson. This year we are using Answers for Kids Bible Curriculum. We are also memorizing some fun poems together using Poetry Memorization.

I am sure that I could never include everything we do in a day or week in one post, but the details will probably be filled in as we go. So for now here are a few more pictures of us in action from the last two weeks.

We also took a day off to celebrate July 4th in Princeton with the cousins at Grandma and Grandpa's.

 Until next week,

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  1. You are doing a GREAT job, Katie! These are some of the best days of your life, although tiring I'm sure. Keep on enjoying it to the max! :)