Tuesday, July 28, 2009


So now we have moved most of our posessions out of our current house, in preparation to moving into our new home. Due to Kyle's work schedule, availability of those willing to help us (which we are so grateful for all the help), bank rules, etc. We needed to move out about two weeks before we can move into the new house. So here comes the flexible part...we are living with my mom. Which is really great, it just gets us out of our routine. So I have to say no to all the extra treats here at Grandma's since being here for two weeks is different the a day or two. I have to keep an extra watch on certain areas of the house that aren't exactly kid proof (once again, Mom, we are very sorry about the broken candy jar), and for some reason start at the beginning with potty training (sorry about the wet spot in the living room, Mom). Also sharing a bedroom with our youngest has sorta kept me up at night, as I hear each shift in her bed she makes. Not that I was sleeping all that sound the last month as it was. Even though all this has my head spinning and I am sure my mom's, I am really having fun and feel so blessed. We spend weeks at a time with my husband's family as they live far away, but we rarely spend this much time at my parents' as they live relativly close. It feels good to share the ins and outs of our lives for awhile. I am sure that all parties involved will be glad when things are back to "normal", but I think we will also miss this time too.

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