Friday, July 24, 2009

Helping My Husband

Once again I am joining in on the Homemaker Moment over at Homemaker Chronicles. This Friday's theme: Helping your Husband. First of all I want to answer the question she posed, "Do you think helping your husband is important?" Yes I do, since we are called to be his helpmate after all. So here is a little list from this week.

  1. Arranged a friend to watch the children so we could look at carpet in peace.
  2. Had a hot home cooked meal ready each night. (Except when we treated ourselves to free Roast Burgers at Arby's...which happens to be one of his favorite places to eat.)
  3. Washed and put away his laundry.
  4. Baked home made cookies at 8:30 at night because he was craving them.
  5. Asked about his mock drill he had at work, and then listened intently to his answer.
  6. Prayed for him.

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