Friday, October 9, 2009

Kid Speak

I love the topic for Homemaker Moments this week. I love the way kids say things. As Elaine is just starting to say things I don't really have much to report from her, but Landon has given me lots of material. I will give you a short list of my favorite mixed up phrases and words.

hopgrasser = grasshopper

back hind = behind (ex. I found this back hind the couch.)

I changed my rules = I changed my mind (after deciding he would rather have the other choice for lunch...he proceeded to complain that he had changed the rules)

anymore again = never again (I'm sorry mom, I'm not going to do it anymore again)

This next example is a story in which he got the meaning of a word mixed up. I still laugh every time I think about it. I was giving him the "plan" for the day, which including going to the Y so I could exercise. He asked me why I had to exercise and I told him it was good for my heart. Then he said, "why?" I responded because it makes me healthy. Still not satisfied he asked, "why?" again. This time I told him I was exercising to get skinny. He started to cry. I asked him why he was crying, and he said he did not want me to get skinny, like a 'mato. I could hardly contain my laughter. See he does not like tomatoes due to the skin. So in his mind I was going to workout and then be covered in skin like a tomato.

Kid speak makes me laugh, and who doesn't need a good laugh.


  1. That is hilarious!! I love the 'mato story- what a sweet little guy you have. Kid's minds are just amazing! Thanks for linking up today,

  2. that is awesome- too funny!!!!
    I love this age and the things they come up with...what a blessing they are! :)