Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Teaching Tuesday: Waiting

I have decided to add a post topic that will reoccur each week on my blog.  As you may have guessed from the title it is Teaching Tuesday.  As a teacher by trade, I still love to help others learn something new so I thought this would be a great theme for me.  I also know that I am still being taught each day by my kids, my friends, my family, my husband, and ultimately my God.  So at times Teaching Tuesday will include what I have been taught recently.  In fact that is just what you will find here today.

Have you ever felt like you were in a waiting period?  In between two events...just waiting for the upswing?  That is how I feel right now.  After loosing our baby in July of last year I have felt very much like I am in a holding pattern.  Not fully embracing life as it is now, just looking ahead to what I hope will be in the near future.  As I posted around Thanksgiving, I have recently been experiencing peace in my situation.  Yet once again God has taught me something.  Resting in his timing is what He calls me too, but there is also work to be done in this time in between.  For instance working to reestablish my exercise routine.  At the time I became pregnant with Elaine (and really throughout my pregnancy) I was eating healthy and exercise was a very established part of my week.  Since her birth it has not gone completely to the wayside but it has definitely not taken the priority it should.  All this to say that I will be getting to work during this time in between.  Of course healthy eating and exercise is just a small part of His plan for this time.  I am a work in progress and I need this time to be what he created me to be. 

Francesca Battistelli's song Time in Between is a powerful reflection of what I am being taught.  Check it out here and let me know what you think.


  1. I can so relate to the waiting period. This year has been much about waiting and trusting God. If you think of it the two go hand in hand, or they should. Anyway, what a tough year to wait for Matt to find a job, only to find out the job was out of state, and now waiting for him to return home. Not to even mention the waiting 5 years for our precious Emma to come home from China.

    Often times I have felt that God wasn't with me or not hearing my cries but the key word is "felt". We can't trust our feelings we need to lay hold to God's promises. My how Satan loves to use our "feeling" and then plant seeds of doubt and fear. Not to mention the lies that the Father of Lies is so good to fill our head with.

    It so wonderful to hear how The Teacher is teaching the teacher.

  2. Shawna - God has used your family in teaching me about the power of the time in between. Thanks for sharing.