Friday, February 11, 2011

Important Lessons

This morning Landon decided to take school into his own hands and gave Elaine some lessons.  They went something like this:

"I am going to teach you the first thing you need to do if a bad guy attacks...karate chop."
"Second if you are on a roof and a bad guy attacks the best way to get away is to jump this."

He was very encouraging with his words while he instructed her to be brave and fierce (his words, not mine).

When she would say she couldn't do it, he would gently say sure you can. If that wasn't enough he would tell her, "Well I guess you won't be a professional super hero like me."

Makes since to me, if you can't karate chop and jump off roofs, no super hero status.

Now onto much less important lessons like letter sounds and number recognition.

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  1. haha. this is great! welcome back....I've missed you :)