Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Orphans - part 2

On Monday I shared that God was showing me ways to love orphans and in turn join in His work. I want to share a few of the things he has laid on my heart.

Right Now
First he reminded me that I am helping care for orphans when I come along side friends who are awaiting the day they will bring their little girl home. They are giving an orphan a forever family. This feels more like a privilege than anything else.

Another way is to sponsor a child through Compassion International or World Vision. Not all of these children are orphans, but often without sponsorship they live like one. We have a little boy we sponsor. God has reminded me its not just about sending money so he can go to school, but also praying for him and writing to him. Letting him know we truly care about him and hope he knows how much God loves him.

Someday Soon
The next few things are next steps for me. The first is one I feel called to act on soon, volunteering at a pregnancy resource center. Now you may be thinking I thought this was about caring for orphans. Well if young mothers are not given good council and support often their babies will become orphans. Then those children will go without the unconditional love parents are meant to provide. Also, we often forget that the young mothers may be orphans themselves. They may have little to no contact with their parents and they need someone to come along side them during this scary time.

The second thing is becoming a Court Appointed Advocate through CASA. This is something that God has laid on my heart off and on for the last few years. This will still be a few years out as I feel my children need to be a little older. Check out this website for more information. These volunteers are so important.

I am not sure where this last one fits in. It is actually going on a short term mission trip to an orphanage. This was laid on my heart after I read Choosing to SEE. Mary Beth talked about holding and comforting a little baby boy who would most likely be in heaven soon. Then when I read my close friend's blog post, it was confirmed. Shawna was praying for someone to comfort her little one, and I am sure other parents are praying a similar prayer. God wants me to go hold babies, and show them what it means to be loved.

Now I wait until my little ones are not quite so little. God is meeting me each step of the way. Even though I don't see how I'll fit one more thing into my days I know when I step out in faith he will bless my small efforts. See God will use my heart for orphans. How does God want to use you?

I'll leave you with another powerful song.


  1. LOVE it. amen, sister. encouraging adopting parents has always been a huge desire on my heart and someday (hopefully soon) the James fam will be sponsoring a child. I always want my children to have a global perspective of life and ministry for Jesus!

  2. I love to hear your heartbeat for orphans. God is using you and will continue to use you as long as you keep listing. God will be faithful to reveal to you each step He wants you to take, when He wants you to take it.

    Don't forget the single most important thing you can do is PRAY! I hope anyone who reads your post will not forget the power of prayer. He can move the mountains. Wait and SEE!

  3. Shawna thanks for your reminder about prayer. Prayer is so key, otherwise it is easy to focus either just on ourselves or not be discerning. Then we end up chasing after our dreams not necessarily where God has called us. Which can leave us empty even if what we are chasing seems "good". I think I feel another post coming...