Thursday, February 10, 2011

Where Did I Go?

Well I was here, but my computer monitor bit the dust. So I had to take a break from blogging. Just as I was planning to share some neat projects with you.  We thought we could quickly remedy the situation with an over nighted cord we could use to hook a small TV we had in our bedroom up as our monitor. Then an ice storm hit and our cord was stuck in Indianapolis, IN. Oh well, there is always tomorrow, right? I am still planning to share what I came up with for the first week of A Bowl Full Of Lemons Weekly Challenge and I will also share this week's challenge too. But for now some cute pics of my little one!

We have been giving him baths in the sink while he sits in the Bumbo.  Daddy usually gives him his baths and he loves the spray.
Here he is taking a Sunday afternoon nap. I can't believe he already fills up the swing.
He loves the excersaucer he got for Christmas. We have to stick a pillow behind him for now, but he doesn't care. He can spin himself all the way around and plays so purposefully with the toys.
Here he is getting his first haircut.  He has cradle cap under his little fauxhawk, and we knew getting some of the length off would help it clear up and his hair to come in thicker. (We know this b/c his sister had one too!) He thought the whole process was quite funny.
I love these pictures, because this is how I often find Elaine...right next to Levi.  Holding his hand, talking to him, rubbing his cheek, or giving the spontaneous hug. I can't wait to see how their relationship grows. She loves him so much, and he loves all her attention too.

Ok, tomorrow I promise to post about all the projects I have underway...unless technology fails me again.

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