Thursday, August 26, 2010

Picture Frame Mats

We have been in our house a little over a year now and we still have little stacks of pictures that have never found a new place to hang.  I decided to at least get some of them hung this week.  The pictures in some of the frames are outdated, so I first had some new pictures printed.  Then I set out to make mats that would match another project that I had finished but had yet to family rules.  I came across the idea for that project here.  I think I finished it right around Christmas last year.  It has set propped on my scrap booking table ever since.  So here is the project I completed this week.

First I took white photo safe card stock and created a base that would fit inside the picture frame.  Then I lightly sketched a guide to show the portion of the mat that would show in the frame once the picture was placed in the center.

Then I selected the paper I wanted to use.  For mine I chose the scrap paper left from the previous project that I am planning to hang with the pictures.

Then using Modge Podge and torn, cut, and ripped pieces of paper I began creating the mat.  I basically used the same method I used on the letter E I made for Elaine's room.  Here is the mat after a few pieces of paper have been put in place.

Here are the finished mats before being placed in the frames.

Here the mats are in frames with pictures, along with my version of the family rules project.  Hopefully I can get these on the wall today too.

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