Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Teaching Tuesday: Week 1

If you would have asked me 5 years ago where I would send my children to school, it would have been a very definitive answer.  My answer would have been the private Christian school where I was teaching.  I love that school.  It was a great group to work with, all with a sincere passion to share Christ with our students while equipping them with the academics skills needed to be life long learners.  Hoping to give them a Biblical worldview that would prepare them for whatever God called them.  I knew I would stay home with my children when they were small, Kyle and I discussed that before we were even married.  It was and is what we both wanted for our children.  So when I had Landon, I left my position at the school, knowing I would return when my children were ready for school.  Well Landon is now ready, well ready for preK anyway...but I'm not ready to go back.  I have Elaine still at home and will soon be welcoming a new addition in a few weeks.   So after lots of prayer and counsel, we decided we would homeschool.  We are planning to take it year by year, child by child.  I still love the school I taught at, and highly recommend it to all those who are looking for a private Christian school.  For now though, God has called us to homeschool.

God blesses us when we follow his call.  As parents discussed where they would be sending their children to preschool and getting supplies, I prepared our "classroom" and supplies.  As I heard of my fellow teachers getting ready for Back to School Night, I read over the curriculum I had selected.  I became more and more excited for our first day of school, and our first week went great!  Not without any bumps, but I was really pleased.  I soon realized how much I had missed teaching.  Homeschooling feels so right for us at this stage.  I can use the way God has gifted me in teaching, while still being the Mom God called me to be to our younger children.

I still feel like my time as a classroom teacher isn't over just postponed a few more years.  We will continue to seek God's plan for our family and follow it with the strength only He can equip us with.

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