Monday, August 30, 2010

Unexpected Growth

We used to have purple petunias in the flower boxes on our front porch.  I happily watered them while the kids played with sidewalk chalk or rode their tricycles.  The porch, after all, is one of my favorite spots.    Unfortunately we no longer have the purple petunias.  See it got hot outside.  In fact, it got very hot outside and very humid, and I was very pregnant.  I would think about going outside and just sweat, so the flowers became neglected and finally met their end.   The crazy part is that we still have a little petunia growing at our house.  It is not in one of the flower boxes, in a flower bed, or in a nice flower pot on the deck.  It is growing out of a crack in the floor of our garage...
What an unexpected surprise.  I am not at all sure how this pink little flower found its way here or got its start, but it is growing there none the less.  It hasn't receive special treatment like fertilizer or watering each day, but has flourished.  So even though I don't have any petunias in my flower boxes, I have this little flower to remind me that often growth comes in the most unexpected circumstances. I am reminded that where ever God has us for the moment, is where we are supposed to bloom. 


  1. I would like to use your image for my website. Is that ok?

  2. I would like to use your image for our church newsletter (one time usage - to go to 115 congregation members) to illustrate an Advent theme that we are doing. Would that be okay?

  3. MJSchrock you are welcome to the image for your church newsletter.